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                                      ATM FRAUD IN NIGERIA

                               NIGERIA ATM FRAUDSTERS EXPOSED!!!!


Dear safety concerned friend, My name is Onipde Abiodun, a safety conscious ATM user like


Now friend, do you own and use any of these cards issued by Nigeria banks and other

financial institutions in the country? Such as : INTERSWITCH ATM CARDS, DEBIT CARDS,


please take time to read the this letter without missing a word.

A story was told of a guy at ATM terminal in Ikeja who collapsed on seeing that

his original balance of N164, 000.00 has reduced to N1, 000.00. Similarly,

somewhere else on one of Nigeria online discussion boards, I read an ugly experience of

ATM fraud victim post which goes thus: “ When  it happened {ATM FRAUD}to a kid

sister of mine that works with one of the second generation banks, then I said we are in

for it in this country. I for once have not all been convenience with this technology as it

 has gotten so advanced in the Western world (with its attendants thieves) such that

we in these parts of the would be, sorry to say, guinea-pigs in the development of same technology.

But that is the future of consumer spending and I want to believe the INTERSWITCH

guys are really on top of this trade. My people always shine your eyes”.


Having been reading, hearing and witnessing relatively similar stories, I am scared,

because as an ATM user myself, I don’t want to have such experience. I went into 4

months research and I discovered how Nigeria ATM users are being scammed and various

ways to avoid them. At this juncture, let me give you some reasons why you need to take

 your time to finish reading this letter or better still print it out.

# Do you know that without you personally or verbally telling anybody your ATM PIN;      

ATM fraudsters can still have access to it?

#Has it occurs to you that memorizing your ATM PIN does not ultimately guarantee the safety of your money?

#Do you know that there are methods ATM fraudsters are using that you will willingly reveal your ATM PIN to them?

#What if I tell you that sometime what an ATM fraudster need to steal your money is just any one of these:

your GSM phone, e-mail address, street or postal address, driving license, national I.D card,

international passport, phone numbers?

#Do you know that some ATM fraudsters do tamper with ATM machine to steal your money,

and the unfortunate part is that it will not be obvious to you until you have fell victim?

#Are you aware that hundreds of smart Nigerian like you and I are being scammed daily?                        

If you are one of those who often says "I am too smart to be scammed" then visit this Nigerian online community forum

  to read about the experiences of Nigerian ATM scam victims

#Do you agree with me that there is direct relationship between safety of your money and the state of your health?

Now, you see the reasons why I said you need to take your time to read this letter.

The good NEWS is that you don’t have to your worry your head to aching, This e-book:


54 WAYS TO AVOID THEM”, has revealed all the ATM fraud secrets and how to protect yourself against them.

Friend, take a drive with me to see some of what you are going to learn in this e-book to

bullet proof yourself against ATM frauds for life:



#The red lights or signs that you are about to be scammed at ATM machine, on your phone,

on the internet and in the cyber café.

#10 major ways Nigeria ATM fraudsters are using to steal ATM PIN without you telling or you showing them your PIN numer.

#17 specific and 37 general ways to bullet proof yourself against any methods of ATM frauds.

#You will also read lamentations of Nigeria ATM scam victims that I compiled during my research.

#You will read various ATM scam letters sent to me and others with intention to drain our money.

With notes to recognize one.

#How to avoid ATM network or server errors  which often leads to debiting your account in error or

seizure of your ATM card.


#How to go about getting your wrongly debited account re-credited in 48 hours.


#How to avoid cash dispense error happening to you after you must have left the ATM machine.  

#Step by step of how a first time ATM card user can operate ATM without any fear or embarrassment.

#What you must know and do if you must use your ATM/DEBIT/CASH cards to make payment online

and in cyber café so that you won’t be scammed by fake merchant websites and public Café users.

#What to do and how to know if an ATM machine had been tampered with to scam you.

* more importantly, the reason why you should change and how to the modern secured ATM card,if you have not.

And lot more.

How much do you think you should invest on yourself to be informed and be educated on how to protect your

hard earned money from ATM fraudsters? Oh, did you suggests it should not be more than N4,000.00,

N3,000.00 or N2,000.00? My answer is NO, because as a Nigeria with a sense of social responsibility,

I won’t charge any of the prices above. With just a deposit of N1,000.00 to my bank account, the e-book is yours.                                 

                                                                SATISFACTION GUARANTEED  !


                                                        ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: 

Make a deposit of N1,000.00 to the bank account at any branches of Guaranty Trust Bank Plc {GTB}.

Account name: ONIPEDE ABIODUN .  Account No: 248-225380-1590

Notify me of your deposit by SMS to 07029054040 or email : stopatmscam@yahoo.com including

your name, teller number, amount paid, phone number and e-mail address. After confirmation from the

bankers, the Ebook will be sent to your email address within 24hrs. 

PS: Remember, e-banking is the future of consumer and global banking, you can’t afford to be left behind.

Protect your money.


PPS:  You have nothing to lose. Call this number 07029054040 to order your copy now!!!